And the award for the most boring book goes to…

    Well, there are quite a few books I can nominate here but “Sons of Fortune” by Jeffery Archer wins the award hands down. Before you Archer fans start protesting, let me remind you, it’s my opinion and this is my space!

    If you are the kind of person who can sit through a plot that unravels real real slow, I bet you’d be a fan of Jeffery Archer. I do like a few books of his, ‘The False Impression’, ‘The Eleventh Commandment’ (No, I did NOT like ‘Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less’ for some strange reason). However, I prefer fast moving books and hence this guy has never made it to my list of favorite authors.

    Coming to “Sons of Fortune”, duped by the story outline, I picked the book up from a lending library. Determined to make the best of the book (I paid for it, after all), I sat down to read it, only to realise with just a few pages, that this was going to be the typical be-patient one. I had to drag myself from my bed to a chair to keep myself from falling asleep. I managed to read some 200 pages, hoping anytime there would be a twist that would make me sit up straight. There was none whatsoever!

    The storyline goes like this: two brothers, separated at birth, grow up not knowing each other and living entirely different lives (tamil movie buffs, getting a sense of déjà vu here?). One becomes a war hero and the other, an ambitious politician (a hero in his own way). Their paths do cross at times and each time they meet, I sit up straight hoping things will start getting interesting. But no, nothing happens. Their lives go on smoothly and then, their lives still go on smoothly and it goes on and on smoothly…trust me, until the point I gave up on the book, their lives were going on smoothly. If you ask me what happened to the story after that, I don’t know…I never got to finish the book! Come on, there has to be something in the book to keep me going right? apart from lives going on smoothly?

    If there’s anyone out there who’s read the book, managed to finish it and survived it, please come on stage to hand over the award to Jeffery Archer. You deserve it for your patience!

    There’s one thing I’ve realized now, never to trust those story outlines at the back-cover of books. They could disappoint you big time!

    P.S This is my first post to this section and I’ve already started off on a negative note…well, that’s me! :)


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