If someone asks me what’s the best gift I’ve ever received, I’d probably say it’s the book “Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul”, which my friend gave me during college. When I got the book, I literally groaned inside ‘cos I’m normally averse to non-fiction of any kind. Little had I realised then, what difference this book was going to make in my life, in terms of giving me hope and a better perspective on the world as a whole. Ok, may be, am exaggerating a bit here but trust me, it’s a damn good book!

    When u look at it, the book is just a bunch of simple (really simple) stories written by people stumbling through life’s ups and downs, just like you and me. No thrillers, no enthralling plots, no fascinating romances…just little snippets of people’s lives that I could relate a lot to my own. Some of those stories made me smile, some moved me to tears, while some made me realise am not alone in this strange world; all put together, the book was one heck of an inspiration to me!

    When you’re feeling really down, wouldn’t it make you feel better to just know that someone, somewhere has been through the the same kind of pain you’re going through…and survived it?

    The book is full of lessons and many of those lessons, I’m glad I got to learn from someone else’s experience before life could teach me the same in the hard way.

    The Chicken Soup series comes in different flavours targeted at different groups of people, e.g., Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul, Chicken Soup for Pet Lover’s Soul, Chicken Soup for the Lazy Soul (is there one? I hope so!). If you haven’t had someone gift you atleast one of these books, I suggest you buy your own copy and start reading. You’ll certainly be doing yourself a big favor.


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