“Welcome to Google Talk!

xyz is online right now (online friends have a green dot). Type below and press the Enter key to send an instant message.”

    Couldn’t Google just welcome me without making me feel like an idiot who doesn’t know how to send an instant message? Am glad they didn’t go on to explain what an instant message is (an instant message is something similar to instant coffee, only tastes a bit different) and how to press ‘enter’ on my keyboard…they probably have that in their help pages.

    The auto-message in YM informing me, every now and then, that my friends are still using an older version of the messenger sounds a lot better than this one. Atleast it makes me feel more sophisticated and technologically advanced than my naive friends ‘cos I was capable of updating my YM successfully, all by myself, without crashing my computer and calling technical support to ask if pressing ‘enter’ will reboot my machine or send an instant message!

    I thought Microsoft was the only one following the strategy, “we think for you cos we, by default, assume you can’t do it yourself”. Looks like Google has started thinking on the same lines now. I wonder if, according to the major software players, being user-friendly is to assume all users are idiots. I think user-friendly is just making things easier for the user and stopping these nagging messages would be the first step towards it.

    And you guys at Google, if you’re listening, give me the damn “invisible” option in gtalk before you come up with such interesting welcome messages. I don’t feel one bit welcomed in gtalk without that one! (and you, Google tutors, please understand, to us lay-people, being “invisible” is different from “blocking” someone…I don’t want to use the latter as a workaround for the former)


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