I’m posting this just hours before the “big water verdict“. Right this moment I know there are thousands of people waiting anxiously for the verdict, thousands waiting just curiously and millions of others wondering what the hype is all about. As I was googling for updates and trying to second guess the verdict, I came across this article:


    It’s not the article, in itself, that made me blog about it. What caught my eye was the bickering in the comments section:

bickering comments

    Considering these comments are posted online and are in ‘refined’ english, I seriously doubt these guys are the ones having their lives depending directly on today’s verdict. If people sitting at their computers, happily sipping purified water off water coolers, could get so sensitive about the issue and pick on each other over it, can we blame the people, being directly affected by the verdict for a lifetime, starting a riot in the city?

    I’m not blaming the guys above for defending their own states, neither am I siding a violence in the city. But if we, the so-called educated population, can’t have a sane discussion on the issue without abusing each other and if the courts couldn’t come to a fair conclusion on a 17 yr old case without having to summon up 18,000 policemen for security, I seriously think we a have a long way to go before calling ourselves civilised!

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