The Third Twin – Ken Follett

    This was the first Ken Follet book I read. Until I read this one, I hadn’t given much thought to Ken Follett ‘cos I wasn’t much into espionage thrillers, the kind I’ve heard this guy usually writes. The reason I picked up this book was

1. It’s a bio-tech thriller – I’ve always fancied books of this genre (since when, I don’t remember!)

2. The story’s lead role is named Steve – I’ve always had a liking for this name and I seem to fall in love with every book/movie character having this name. Before you start wondering, no, I don’t know any real person named Steve personally :)

    Anyways, getting back on subject, before starting to read, I wasn’t expecting much from the book, considering it was from an author about whom not many people talked about. Neither was the storyline anything too different from the Robin Cook books I’ve read. But as I read on, I realized there was something captivating about Ken Follett’s writing. I was hooked on to the book right from page one till the very last.

    The book is based on ‘cloning’, the popular subject for fiction these days. The story actually revolves around the female character, Jeannie, but for obvious reasons I’ll concentrate on Steve here ;) Steve comes to know that he has an identical twin, who is a murderer. He later figures out that both of them are not really biological twins but clones (I wonder how I would feel if someone told me I was a clone…hmm). Steve is disturbed about the fact that he has genes identical to that of a murderer and starts to wonder if that makes him a murderer too, by instinct. The story concludes with the implication that it is not our genes that determine what we are but our actions, upbringing and environment. Though it has a philosophical touch to it, the book is pure fiction and an absolute thriller.

    No matter what sort of books you read, if you have a thing for suspense, you got to read this book. The Third Twin and Whiteout are the only two Ken Follett books that do not fall in the espionage category.

    I heard ‘The Third Twin’ and a few other Ken Follett books have been made into movies. If that’s true, someone please be generous and get me the CDs/DVDs of those (I promise I’ll remember to say thanks!)


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