I got to know about this site today, through a forward sent by a friend (who normally sends me every forward 5-6 times to ensure that I, if not read them, atleast spend some quality time in deleting them). When I clicked the link, I expected a popup-rich web-page laden heavily with ads to come up, but to my surprise, it was a real neat page with just a few lines explaining what the site is about and the login widgets.

    To send a free sms, all you have to do is sign up with your name, your email address and your mobile number. Your password is then sent to your mobile, using which you can sign in and start messaging the person sitting next to you (then, go to him and check if he got your sms. If he didn’t, try again!). Pretty cool isn’t?

    And did I sign up? yeah, I very much did. Any link that even vaguely resembles the words ‘Sign Up’ gets me into action (those weirdos into phishing thrive only ‘coz of people like me!). After signing up, I tried sending an sms to my own number and the sms was delivered so fast that I was almost startled.

    It’s neat, it’s clean and it’s fast. So, what’s the problem? The problem is the junk that gets added to every sms that you send from here. It prepends your mobile number(so, if you were scheming up something, forget it! you can’t send anonymous sms from here) and appends a “India’s Largest Mesaging portal.Now brings Free SMS to any mobile.Log on to Way2SMS.com” to every sms. Now, how many of you would like that? I, for one, would be terribly annoyed if I were to receive an sms with a simple ‘hey’ encapsulated in a whole lot of crap. Btw, it doesn’t add your name to the sms, so if you want the receiver to know who sent the message, you’d have to sacrifice a little of that ‘personal message’ space for your name (and if your name is greater than 10 characters, for God’s sake, get yourself a pet name!).

    That said, the site does have it’s advantages. Suppose your friends have gone for a movie leaving you behind, you can now message all of them at a single click (and remind them that you are still alive), how many ever times you want and at absolutely NO cost! or may be, if you’re feeling terribly bored during a weekend, you can now send lots of sms’s to yourself and feel real useful. Exciting isn’t? Go ahead, sign up and have fun. Happy spamming..er..sms’ing!

    If you’re wondering why I put this up in my blog, well, someday when my blogsite become popular (wishful thinking, I know!) more and more people will start signing up at way2sms.com and hence, I will be contributing significantly to the spam overflow in the country. You see, I always believe in making a difference, whatever be the means!
(Actually, I was just feeling bored and sleepy…and hence this post; how long can I keep sms’ing myself? ;) ).

**Update 1**

Here’s another means of making your presence known to your friends – SMS via Email You can send an email to the ‘Mobile Email Id‘ (mobile_number@provider_id.com) of the person you want to send the sms to and the message will be delivered to his/her mobile as an sms. You can find the list of provider id’s here. I tried the airtel KK one and it works. I’m not sure of the others. Depending on your degree of joblessness, you can try a few out…and if it works, please drop Ranjhith a note of thanks!


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