So there goes South Africa’s dream of getting the World Cup and my hopes along with it. There’s one thing I’ve realized now, you can’t go around blaming luck for every damn failure in a match…bad cricket does have a role to play at times. Here’s a postmortem of yesterday’s SA vs AU semi-finals. They call it a “case of stage fright”… come to think of it, that does explain a lot, doesn’t it? winning all the not-so-important matches and screwing up the big ones.

    This world cup was a big time disappointment for me. First, India loses miserably to Bangladesh and gets chucked out (though I don’t give much thought to the Indian team, it’s my country, after all!). South Africa (my favorite cricket team), in spite of entering the tournament at the No. 1 position, succumbs pathetically to the now strongest team. ‘Damn!’ is what has been echoing in my mind since the match last night.

    Should I say ‘better luck next time, SA’? No, I won’t! :(


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