I really do! I happened to read a mail from my ‘sent items’ today, one I had sent to a friend some days back and I was mighty shocked at what I saw. The four-line mail had about a dozen smilies grinning, laughing, staring, winking and even yelling at me. That’s when the truth hit me: I’ve become a smiley-addict!

    When I first set my eyes on ‘smilies’ in one of my text books – under topic ‘Emoticons’ – they didn’t impress me so much. It didn’t make sense to me why anyone would want to use those little ascii-faces to convey emotions? weren’t words enough, I wondered (my! how naive I was then!)

    Even when yahoo messenger introduced me to it’s graphical smilies, I wasn’t all that impressed. I started using them because they were there, tossing them around carelessly…and then slowly, they started appearing at every punctuation of my sentences. The animated ones only made it worse…they were just too cute to resist. By the time the email clients came up with smilies, they had already become a habit. I’m now dreaming about the day they would replace my facial expressions too (you see, my face muscles don’t always cooperate with me like smilies do).

    I know there aren’t any rehabilitation centers yet for smiley addiction but I’m really hoping some kind soul would start one soon … or I might soon land up forgetting my alphabets. Meanwhile, if you’d like to offer your condolences to me, a poor victim of the smiley craze, feel free to drop a bunch of smilies in the comments section.

    P.S. If you are wondering why there aren’t any of those much-talked-about smilies in this post, well, actually they were there…I spent about a day in deleting them and cleaning up the mess so as to appear sober to u :) ..oops! that one just slipped in!


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