If you are wondering why I’m writing a review on this movie almost two months after it was released, well, this isn’t really a review on the movie. Being a person who watches movies at the rate of one per month, I know my blog doesn’t qualify for movie reviews

    This post is just my thoughts on the concept that the movie is based on. Anytime I have a serious discussion on the movie with any guy, it almost often starts a He-She argument between us. The reason for the argument: the claim from the guy that all women are fighter-cocks (or should I say fighter-hens?) like the character Jhansi in the movie and this overly generalized claim gets on my nerves.

    The movie starts off – the exact sequence of events, I don’t remember – with the female lead character, Jhansi, getting mad at her boyfriend for living his life the way he wants – flirting with other women. The guy, Kathick is westernized (I say western here cos someone recently told me that in the west you are allowed to kiss a bride in front of your girl, while the bridegroom is standing right there looking like an idiot..and you are also allowed to eat pizzas like a pig disgustingly) while Jhansi is traditional and old-fashioned in her views (the same someone told me this too).

    Jhansi strongly disapproves her guy’s playboy attitude and says so to him, which is interpreted by the guy (and the guys* watching the movie) as fighting over silly things. So, what does she do? She thinks over the matter seriously, realizes the relationship is not working because of their differences in opinions and takes a decision that she feels is best for both of them (all the while, remember, the guy is having the time of his life with other women) and breaks up with him. This is interpreted by the guy (and the guys watching the movie) as being ditched by her.

    Later in the movie, Jhansi meets Karthik in Australia coincidently and tries to act aloof just to avoid further trouble between the two. This is interpreted by the guy (and, again, by the guys watching the movie) as being rude. After a series of expected and unexpected turn of events, songs, whatever…Jhansi finally gives her guy up to the gorgeous girl who comes out of nowhere and supposedly understands him perfectly well. This is interpreted by the guy (but NOT by the guys watching the movie) as a sane decision; he grabs the opportunity and marries the pretty girl. End of story!

    Now, while the guy in the movie, right from the beginning to the end, is incapable of coming to any decent conclusion on the relationship, the guys watching the movie come to a conclusion that all women are arrogant, stubborn and rude just cos the role was projected that way in the movie and was enacted by an actress (Sadha) who was, incidentally, born with smug look on her face that even plastic surgeons couldn’t erase. So, for you guys who watched the movie and came to the same conclusion, let me tell you, you got the concept of the movie entirely wrong.

    I actually liked the movie a lot (except for those scenes lifted straight from hindi movies…and the hero, Vinay, who sports a permanent ginger-eating-monkey** expression!) for the very reason that I liked the book “Men are from mars, women are from venus”. What the movie tries to bring out is that men and women are basically wired differently and that is something one has to keep in mind when trying to work out relationships issues. Instead, if you’re gonna keep cribbing all the time about your partner not understanding you and keep trying to shift the blame of every friction in the relationship over to the other side…well, what can I say, you are better off living with someone from your own planet.

    The movie also sends another message to the women, a very required one: never take men seriously!

* When I say ‘guys’ I mean ‘most guys’, ‘some guys’ or ‘few guys’ depending on how strongly you disagree with me

** If you are from Tamil Nadu, you must be familiar with the phrase, ginger-eating-monkey. If you aren’t, next time you see a monkey, try feeding it a piece of ginger, watch it’s expression and then, see the movie and let me know if you found a match!