1two3ty1 – no, that’s not a result of a cat running over my keyboard. If am not spoiling the surprise, 1two3ty1 means one to thirty one. It’s about photographing numbers around your house and posting them online. If you belong to one of the following categories, 1two3ty1 could turn out an entertaining challenge for you…an occupying one at that!

1. If you, like most techies, own a digital camera* but haven’t been using it for a long time because you, like most techies, don’t have a life…and want to, someday, dust your digicam and start using it

2. If you own a digital camera and you have a life (lucky you!) but haven’t gotten a chance to go beyond the auto setting of the camera…and are looking for a chance to play around with the rest of the settings and feel like a pro.

3. If you own a digital camera; you also own a very large house and you haven’t gotten a chance to explore your house enough…ok, that’s lame. Forget it!

4. If you own a digital camera and wish to publicize that fact among your friends

5. If you want to take, borrow or steal a digital camera from one of your friends (stay away from me ok!) and are looking for a reason to do that

6. You just want to have fun with your digital camera

…1two3ty1 is for you

Click here to know more about the challenge and if you have any doubts (if you read those rules carefully, you’ll almost certainly have doubts), contact Ranjhith, the man behind 1two3ty1 :)

*remember, the mobile camera’s a digital one too