I went to church yesterday in a rather grumpy mood. That we were late and had to sit outside (‘cos the cozy seats inside were full already) only worsened my mood. While I sat there with only half my mind listening to the pastor droning on about how of all apostles Peter loved Jesus the most and Jesus, in turn, loved John the most (God’s got his favorites too huh?); and the other half of my mind wondering why my life was getting crappier and crappier each day, I noticed this little girl sitting next to me, holding a red balloon in her hands – you know, those heart shaped helium balloons that kids are very fond of? The balloon that is supposed to be held only by it’s strand, this kid was clutching in her hands like one would hold a prized possession. Her tear-stained face sporting a smile and the irritated look on her mother’s face suggested she must’ve gotten the balloon after throwing a reasonable tantrum.

Things seemed hunky-dory until her little brother – the naughty brats that brothers usually are – pushed her and she, in an attempt to catch her balance let go of the balloon. With her hands still outstretched, she stared at the balloon as it went higher and higher up, out of her reach. I thought any moment she was going to turn around and spank her brother hard or cry for another balloon or may be just sulk. Her mother watched too, with a terrified not-another-tantrum-now look on her face. But to everyone’s surprise, the little kid turned around and said, with a voice full of delight, ‘amma, balloon yesu appa kitta poguthu‘, that roughly (and religion independently) translates to, ‘Ma, the balloon is going to God’. I couldn’t help but smile at that.

She continued to watch the balloon till it was just a dot and finally said, with a look of pride and satisfaction, ‘poyiruchu‘ (meaning ‘it’s gone’ as in ‘it’s gone to it’s destination’). Am sure God himself must have been distracted for a moment, to watch the little red balloon coming His way. What smile it must’ve brought to His otherwise solemn face! :)

All of a sudden life didn’t appear so bad after all…

Sometimes, a little red balloon, against the dark clouds, is all it takes to make the sky beautiful to gaze upon’