…after months and months of hiding behind the ‘writer’s block’ excuse.

To the countless readers I have around here (countless because I once tried counting and the numbers were disappointing) I apologize for having left this blog stranded for a  rather long time. It was due to some unavoidable circumstances, which I shall make up and present to you in a convincing manner at some later point in time. For now, please welcome me back and wish me luck!

For the lack of anything else worth posting, here’s a quick stats that WordPress reported for my blog today:

Total views: 7,192   (No, I did NOT rig the numbers. Stop insulting me ok!)
Busiest day: 64 – Sunday, October 28, 2007   (Is it a co-incidence that it’s a Sunday, a day most people are jobless?)
Views today: 0 (Didn’t I just say ‘count-less’? And you thought I was bragging!)
Posts: 31
Comments: 191
Akismet has protected your site from 645 spam comments. (Now, here’s one sincere, regular reader I have for my blog – the spambot)

Before I leave, thanks Abirami and Anonymous (who seconded and thirded Abirami) for goading me to write again. I don’t know if I really will be writing or just abandoning the blog again (you know what they say, once a cheater, always a cheater) but thanks anyway. I will definitely try to keep writing but you know, those unavoidable circumstances…I haven’t made them up yet.