…and it’s that time of the year when people make you feel a tad left out and unwelcome in the excitement… ‘cos you did not stay up late on New Year’s eve thinking about how the previous year went, how you’d like the new year to be, what you’d like to change in yourself and all that interesting stuff that new year blog posts are generally made of. Instead you were busy thinking about who you should call, who you should message and who you should give a missed call to before the mobile networks shutdown for 30 minutes in  memory of the past year. The next day, New Year’s day, when people ask you what your new year resolution is and your mind suddenly goes “er..”, you realize you aren’t quite welcome into the New Year without a resolution to share.  Now, not that my new year started any less happier than anyone else’s but this have-to-take-a-resolution thing that people insist on always leaves me feeling a li’l lost. I mean, what’s wrong with the way I am, except for the fact that the way I am sucks?

Anyway I finally decided to give in to the pressure and take a resolution this year. (A whole week late, I know, but what the heck. They taught me in school that it’s better late than never and I’m going to utilize that excuse to the full extent whenever and wherever possible)…

You know how every time you get those forwards on astrological signs and you start comparing your own personality with the traits of your (zodiac) stereotype? Well, I’m not so much into astrology and I don’t quite care where the stars and planets chose to party when I was born (liked they cared about my birth!), but I think  Taurus is the coolest sign to be in. I’ve always been proud of being a Taurean. But, then, I look at myself and analyze how well I fit in as a Taurean; and that’s when the proverbial fall comes. I’ve none of the cool Taurean traits I’m supposed to have!  I sometimes wonder if I really was born in May or my parents just chose May for my birthday ‘cos it would be summer vacation and they wouldn’t have to buy me toffees to distribute in school.  Anyway, getting back to the resolution stuff we were talking about, here’s  my resolution for 2009:  Become a real Taurean…ok, atleast a near Taurean.

The cool Taurus traits I will try to adopt starting 2009 (note the emphasis on the “try”. That’s to keep you from asking me for status reports):

The Taurean trait. I call this a birth right more than just a trait.

–Determined and strong–
Let me just say, I SO want to be…

My blog title, “drifting away from reality”.  Need I say more? Time I stepped down to earth. Things must have changed a lot there since I last visited.

Tough one to work on, I k now, for a person blessed with less than required common-sense but heck, I’m atleast gonna try.

Well, while I am usually quite patient with people (now, that’s not a cue for you to test it, ok!), being patient with myself and life, in general, is what I think I should try to be.

–Ferociously angry–
The very phrase, ‘ferociously angry’ sounds like fun, no?

–Relaxed and laid-back–
“Someone please stop this whirlpool in my head. It’s dragging me in!”.  A line I keep telling myself very often. High time I cleared the garbage dump I’ve made of my mind in all these years.

I’m enough and more lazy already but what I’m going to do is to stop worrying about people nagging me about it. I’ve the right to be lazy ok! The stars said so.

The cool traits that I don’t have and can’t do anything about:


I can’t, for the life of me, understand ‘Art’.

–Financial wizard–
(Saw this in one of those astrology sites) Finance? Me? Seriously?

The un-cool traits that I ‘don’t have and don’t care’ much about:

I don’t think this is a Taurean trait. There must have been some mix up somewhere. Cool people are not possessive.

–Honest —

how very boring to be punctual all the time! Nobody would even notice you.

I’m not exactly sure when being law-abiding went from cool to uncool but really, I don’t care much.

–Loves food–
:D A big joke! people who know me personally would vouch for that.

So, people, now that I have a resolution (as fuzzy as it  may be), can I please enter 2009? Thank you.

Wish you all a happy year ahead!  (Didn’t I tell you, it’s better late than never?)