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One day, as the little crow was flying around, she saw a glass jar. It was a normal looking jar, except that it did not appear to hold any water. She thought it was strange for all jars she’d seen so far held water, atleast a little bit. She flew down to look more closely at it. She noticed that it was a fine jar – not very ornate but well made. She treaded forward, a tad cautiously and sat on the brim of the jar, from where she could look at the world around her. Strangely, the world appeared more beautiful from the brim of the jar than it did when she was flying above.

She sat there for a long while, not really doing anything, when she suddenly noticed there indeed was some water sparkling in the jar. She was a little surprised that she hadn’t seen it all this while she was sitting there. The glistening water mesmerized her. Did I tell you, it was quite a bright and sunny day? Without thinking much, she picked a pebble from the ground – strangely the pebble wasn’t as heavy as she had expected it to be – and dropped it into the water. The ripples it created startled her for a moment. But then, it was beautiful too. She wondered if she should drop another pebble in. The water was glistening again in the sun, brighter than before. She told herself it wouldn’t matter whether the water ever reached the brim or not, she could fly away any moment she wanted to. She wasn’t so scared now. She picked a few more pebbles, one by one and dropped them into the jar, choosing first the lighter stones and then, the heavier. The water kept rising with each pebble, sparkling even more each time. Every now and then, she stopped, wondering if something could go wrong, for she always knew something could…but she liked picking the pebbles, she liked the sparkle in the water and she liked everything about the jar.

Soon, the jar was nearly filled with pebbles and the water rose very close to the brim. It scared the crow now for she didn’t know what would happen when the water reached the brim. She had no clue. Nevertheless, she kept dropping the pebbles in till she could see the water very nearly touching the brim. She picked the last pebble, and holding her breath, gingerly dropped it into the jar…

Suddenly, something happened. Something she had feared all along. The water started flowing down between the stones, towards the bottom of the jar and was quickly draining out. She could not entirely understand what went wrong but she realized somewhere along the way, while she was busy dropping the pebbles in, the jar had cracked. She was ready to pick more pebbles and drop them in if it could help, but it was too late and all too suddenly, over.

She sat there at the brim, feeling sad and wishing the jar had somehow not cracked, wishing she had never dropped that last pebble, wishing she had never picked any pebbles…wishing she had never stopped to look at the jar, wishing she had never seen the jar. The other crows urged her to fly away. ‘The river isn’t far away’, they said, ‘fly’!

But the little crow just sat there watching the jar –  now filled with stones, and the traces of water fast evaporating – hoping she would soon find the strength to fly…

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