(Warning: This is one incoherent post you’d rather not read. Trust me)

Everyone gets exactly one chance in life to be and act totally insane. I used up mine this February.


A phone conversation sometime in January:

Me: (Looking at the calendar): Hey, know what? This February is a full four week month.

Friend: Err..what?

Me: You know, it’s got four full weeks, each starting on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday. Covers four columns in the calendar completely. Know what I mean?

Friend: Yeah, I get it (actually wanting to say, “yeah, so what?!”..or may be, that’s what he said)

Anyway, I don’t remember what was said before that and what after that, but it’s strange how the little things you say offhandedly in a conversation, comes back to haunt you much later.  Little had I realized then that the four full weeks I’d talked about so carelessly would turn out to be four full weeks of disappointment, confusion, hurt, pain, happiness (yeah, I was happy too, for reasons I can’t quite comprehend now)  and many many what-is-happening-to-me and why-is-this-happening-to-me moments.   It was a month where I’ve said and done, and believed things that were totally ‘NOT ME’! While the trials and tribulations I’ve been through in the past have made me realize my strength, this one scared me. I was lost. I desperately tried to find myself only to move farther away…

As I sit here on the last day of the month, introspecting and trying to figure out what went wrong, I can’t think of anything. All I know is that it has been an insane month for me and I’d like to be excused from it..forever. Even on Judgment Day. Are you listening, God? No questions about Feb ’09, ok?


I was trying to book a train ticket yesterday and this is what irctc had to say:

feb as irctc sees it

(Click to enlarge)

This is the first time irctc had ever made me smile. In some sense, it feels good to know that February has only 28 days…and that it’ll be over soon.

I have no clue how March is going to be, or for that matter, any of the coming months. It’s scary. It could be as bad as Feb or even worse. But there’s one thing I know for sure it’s NOT going to be: Crazy!

Oh btw, I’m not the only one who thinks February is the worst month of the year.  This person does too..for different reasons. From the article:

Speaking of holidays, February ‘holidays’ are nothing more than a pathetic excuse to sit around and think about how painful February really is.

The few and far between great parts of February are only attainable through either great expense or extreme luck, and always carry a serious risk of public humiliation.

How very true!

P.S. This isn’t the kind of post I’d normally put up in my blog, but what the heck, I’ve still got a few hours to go before Feb ends and I can still claim the right to be insane until it’s over.

P.P.S. There’s a good chance this post would be removed in a few days.  Naturally, ‘cos it’s not something I’d like to revisit any day. So don’t look for it if it suddenly disappears. (That’s for those of you who actually came this far in reading it, in spite of the warning)