…without the cherries*.

But who cares where the cherries went, I got an award! This happens to be the first award that this blog has ever gotten in it’s entire blog history of 43 posts and thanks Abirami for sending it!

However, just like everything else in this world, this award too comes with a tag. (price tag? that would have been easy). While I normally love doing tags (they being an easy excuse to update your blog), this one turned out to be a tad difficult. I’ll tell you why soon. Here’s what I have to do as part of the tag.

1. Thank the person who sent it to me. Unless you skipped reading the previous paragraphs and came directly to this one (now, this is something you shouldn’t do, you see. You ought to have skipped the entire blog and gone to the next one), you would have noticed that I already thanked Abirami. But here we go again, for the record, thank you so much Abirami…for taking the time in between being the perfect wife (yeah yeah, wordpress can let you have your blogname as bride forever but that doesn’t mean you are a still a bride :P) and an awesome blogger (I may have deserted my blog but I still diligently read yours) to tag me.

2. Put up a picture I love. Now, this one’s easy. I already knew which one I’m gonna put up even before I got tagged (come on, am I not allowed a little exaggeration?). I just needed an excuse to put it up somewhere and I just got one.

(No, I did not take it but I’ll make this text so small that you won’t read it and will just assume that I’m the photographer who took this)

3. I’ve to write three things that I love about myself. Now, this, this is the hard, harder and hardest part of the tag. Hard because, for an eternally-pessimistic Marvin type person that I am, it’s not very easy to convince myself that there’s anything at all about me that I do love. Harder because it involves a lot of thinking. It’s not really the thinking that is hard. I can think rather easily. There’s always a hundred things I’m thinking about..at any point in time but the difficult part is picking out the (barely even) sane thoughts from the whole mess, I mean, mass of thoughts. Hardest because it is a lot of work and my lazy bones are already resisting hard! After thinking and thinking a lot about what I might possibly like about me, I realized I have nothing. But because I cannot accept the award without doing the tag (because of moral and ethical reasons), I’m gonna try a different approach to it. Instead of writing 3 things I love about myself, I gonna write just any 3 things about me, and try to convince you that I  actually love those about me. How’s that for an ingenious approach, huh?! (Ok, don’t answer that).

So, here we go…the three things I love about myself:

– I can advise really well. And, not just any advice, but very pragmatic sounding, thoroughly useless ones. The point is, however useless it might be, it helps people up on their feet. A lot of my friends have told me that. I’m not sure if my advice ever helps them sort their problems out but it definitely makes them feel better for the moment, and I think that’s what matters. People always have what it takes to get themselves through their troubles. What they need is some hope when they are down and I think I kind of help them there.

– I can remain blissfully ignorant of current affairs. That’s something I love about myself, but strangely people around me aren’t so impressed with that. Even now I’ve an Wikipedia page open, on the last day of IPL3,  searching for who owns CSK. I’ve happily gone through three seasons of the IPL without knowing that and it didn’t even bother me, You might wonder why Wikipedia when I could have easily just asked dad (who’s sitting here as well, watching the match, and secretly hoping CSK would lose so he can later list down the hundred reasons why he thinks they lost)? He would have told me right away who owns CSK but I somehow was not in the mood to listen to the tirade that would inevitably follow on how important it is to read the newspaper, and how pathetic I am when it comes to knowing what’s happening around me. Much worse, that would have given him a perfect excuse to switch to Sun News and I’d be forced to leave the room carrying my laptop and the network cable trailing behind it.  I don’t get it. I’m not a person who’s in any way averse to reading. Wouldn’t I have read the newspaper if it was even remotely as interesting as a Ken Follet book? It’s not my fault that real life is so boring, is it? (While on that topic, something tells me, in the years to come, my dad may not be the only person to nag me about reading the newspaper. Sigh. Big Sigh!)

– I can perfectly relax on Sunday evenings irrespective of what lies await the next day. Like now. With all that work pending that I should have completed not yesterday but two weeks back, I’m comfortably sitting back with an empty dinner plate next to me and writing stuff on my long stranded blog, only vaguely aware of the VPN connection dropping in the background and too lazy to hunt for that SecurID thing to connect back..and just a tiny bit sleepy.

Phew! I’m done. There’s a little part of passing on the tag and award, which I skipped. After all, what’s a job well done, if you didn’t skip a little part it, huh?

Btw, CSK won. The match..and with that, the IPL3 too. Yay! Not that I care all so much for Chennai or for Cricket, or for the Super King Dhoni  (I wonder why people call him that. He did have a hair style once that vaguely resembled a lion but the similarity ended there) or even for the gaudy yellow t-shirts they wear..but somehow I can’t help but feel jubilant seeing them win. After all, Chennai has for the past 3 months so benevolently provided me a place to stay (at 9000 bucks per month), food to survive (at 50 bucks per meal) and a good amount of sunshine (way more than what I ever asked for). How can I not cheer when they win?