..And the dream we were
conceived in
will reveal a joyful face.
And the world we
once believed in
will shine again in grace.

It’s so hard to believe the guy who created this beautiful song is no more. I’m not quite the kind of person to mourn for dead pop stars but this song comes very close to moving me to tears.

For many years in school, I’d thought this was another prayer song. That was when any song sung in the school assembly, whether or not it had a ‘I love you Jesus’ in it, was a prayer song to me. I loved the song then, and loved it all the more when I knew it came from the Micheal Jackson (or was it the other way round, I loved MJ for this song?). The song that featured in the first mixed tape that I made (which for some reason I hold close to my heart), the first song that I remember searching in google for, the song that plays in every playlist of mine and one that gets copied to every back up CD that I create. A song that’s seen my every mood; to me, it has always meant more than just another anti-war song.

While the world remembers Micheal Jackson as the Thriller, Bad and Dangerous guy, I’ve always known and loved him for ‘heal the world’; and now, miss him for it. May he rest in peace. For you and for me.

You can see the music video here. (youtube refuses to let me embed that one)

(P.S: If you’re wondering why this post comes about a week late when the rest of the world is done mourning, well, readers of this blog will know, be it raising a toast or paying tribute, it has always my blog policy  to rise to the occasion a tad late. That or I’m just very very lazy!)

(P.P.S: If you’re wondering why the above text is so tiny to read, well, fine print is generally not meant to be read and if you did read it, you’re probably  a geek and you’re probably wearing big glasses anyway)